How do I get the best laser cataract surgery in the UK and how much will it cost?


The gradual loss of sight due to cataracts can be more than a mere inconvenience. For many people affected by the condition, it is debilitating and sees their quality of life suffer. When it comes to securing treatment for their condition using their health insurance UK customers have traditionally only had one option available; surgical procedure. Now, though, that has changed thanks to the advent of laser technology.

It is important to note that any decision about cataract surgery should always be considered following advice from a health professional. Your doctor or optician should be able to give you accurate advice about the types of treatment available and the most suitable of those options.

In many cases, health insurance policies may not cover all types of eye surgery, particularly laser cataract surgery. The primary reason for this cost.

While a traditional surgical procedure to replace a clouded lens is relatively inexpensive and is covered by many health insurance policies, the relative cost of laser eye surgery means that many insurers are unwilling to bear the brunt of the cost, and the reason for this is how expensive this surgery can be.

For example, if an eye specialist is using the new type of Femtolaser, a laser specifically designed to rectify the problems caused by cataracts within the lens, then the cost of this laser unit alone is around half a million dollars. Each click of the laser then costs the patient, or the insurance company, hundreds of pounds.

It is therefore, vital to check your policy document to see which forms of cataract surgery are covered to allow you a greater understanding of the options available.

Once you and your health professional understand this, it is merely a case then of selecting where and when you would like to have the procedure from the list of available or recommended eye clinics in your local area.

Before you make your final decision you may wish to review each of the clinics available before making a final choice. This is a good way to reassure yourself that you are getting the best care and support available for your treatment.

If you find your health insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure you want then you can always opt to have the surgery done privately. Certainly, laser eye surgery has proven to be hugely effective in dealing not only with cataracts but also a wide range of other eye ailments. It’s non-invasive methods mean a much shorter recovery time for the patient and the likelihood of fewer complications following the operation.

The cost for laser cataract surgery is hard to state definitively, but it is not unreasonable to expect to pay over £1,000 for the full course of treatment, per eye. For many people, though, this is money well spent as it gives them back a much-improved clarity of vision quickly and with little to no effect on their day-to-day life immediately following the surgery.

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