Saving money on broadband


If you want to get a better deal on your broadband connection, then your in the right place. This guide will give you a more better and in-depth information inside for getting the best deal.

Read on to find out about how you can save on your Broadband Deals using some simple ways by following our guide to save your money we will guide you by following few steps.

First of all, you need to have a budget plan in place.

Negotiate With Your Service Provider

  • Generally broadband service providers give the best deal to customers with the biggest budgets for either residential or commercial premises. However, those with smaller budgets tend to not get the bigger discounts. So try to haggling with them for the best deals you can get. Loyalty doesn’t mean anything here, so you should talk to your existing provider before going elsewhere.
  • Before reaching to the end of your contract, call your provider for a better deal. Tell the provider that you have the intention of leaving so they will try to offer a better deal to retain your custom.
  • To get a better broadband deal speak with the retention or customer services departments. They maybe able to increase your speed, offer a bigger download allowance, an upgraded router or discount like 12 months half price service for signing up to a longer term contract.

Pay For Only What You Need

  • Some providers offer higher download packages, but if you are uploading a lot of content to social media, then you would need to find a provider that can accommodate your requirements
  • Before choosing a provider, you must check the network speeds in your area. Some areas such as cities will have faster broadband speeds compared to rural areas that may not have the infrastructure in place. Another factor can be the distance from the telephone exchange, that can make a difference in speed.
  • Fibre optic broadband has been rolled out across a lot of the UK and there are government plans to further extend the UK fibre optic network. If you have large usage then superfast fibre broadband will be the best option for you, but standard connections are quite sufficient for many households.

Shop Around

You can use ofcom accredited comparison tools to check with other service providers available in your area.

  • If you mainly use mobile phones, then you may not require a landline, which can additionally save you money on your line rental. There are providers that specifically do not offer fixed line broadband, which can save customers around £300 a year.
  • Most providers offer discounts if you combine your landline service, television subscription and broadband all together. By bulk buying your entire package, you can save both your time and money.

Cut costs by changing payment methods

  • If you do require a landline then you may be able to cut your costs is using line rental plan and paying your fees up front or splitting your payments into two payments. By offering to pay either the full amount or percentage up front, the provider may be more inclined to give a larger discount.
  • Providers often offer a discount with direct debit payments.
  • Paperless Billing. Some providers offer a discount by sending your statement via email rather than through the post, which saves them postage and paper costs.

Check your internet speed for free

There are websites that can offer free internet speed checks to see the what kind of service you can expect in your area.

  • If you are battling with slow internet speed feel free to call your provider, but remember that there can be many different reasons why you connection is slow.
  • Remember that the time of day, bank holidays, weekends and sports events can also play a part in the speed of your service. You may need to check it in different times of day to get an average speed.
  • If you have found your average speed start to slow, try and get update your for your software. You may additionally qualify for a internet booster or filter updates that can make your speed faster.
  • Don’t forget to restart your router. Routers and other equipment are normally left running all day and night. By restarting the equipment periodically, should be keep remove any  interference or faults on the equipment.

Final thoughts

Hope these tips will help you to cut a better deal. Just be sure that you choose the best Broadband Deal for you. The best package will give a better experience and help you browse the net better