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Airport transfers

Compare Airport Transfers and get the best deals

You are so excited to reach your holiday destination and rush to the airport. But did you ever put your thought as how you get to the final point after reaching the airport. Try giving a thought as to what approach you would take to reach the hotel after arriving at the airport. There is no doubt that you would go through the different complexities while going through the public transport system. It will not be an easy task as you would be also jetlagged and burnt out. But if you in advance you can book a hotel, it will give you the benefit of saving time and the whole process become smooth.

Process of going through an airport transfer

Once you have decided about the date and the destination then put the details in the airport transfer finder and you will get to know about the details. All details after being inserted, you will given the various choices. It includes information about vehicles. It can be on a shared or the vehicles can be private. The choice which will work for you depends on various key elements such as how many people are there in the group travelling. Also if you have the intention to save money a little bit.

Airport transfers which are shared

Are you a single or just a couple? Then you can save a lot of money by travelling by opting to share an airport transfer service with the list of other passengers. You will discover there are different kinds of vehicles and their size is also different. If you are looking for pay less then it is advisable to avail the big vehicles. If you ask me about the disadvantages of any transfers which are shared, the big disadvantage is that it will consume a lot of time for you to the dream hotel from the airport. So it is very important for you to first locate the transfer bus. The transport system which you are choosing would be there to pick up all the booked passengers with their luggage. Another uneasy thing about shared airport transfers is that if the destination point of yours is the last one on the list it will take a lot of time as it is a case of dropping passengers one by one in the destination. But if where you are staying appears first on the list, then no such problem would arise. After you have completed through the process of booking, you will get to know about the time it will take to reach your destination. Yes, you have come to know some of the problems you may face when opting for a shared transfers but still it is useful enough for you to get to the hotel from the airport.

Basically there are two type of shared transfer

  • A minibus transfer which consists of few stoppages like say four. So if you opt for this you can reach your destination without delay.
  • The other one is the shuttle bus transfer which generally takes much time as it will pick up different people stopping at different place.

Private airport transfer

Are you willing to spend a little more and don’t want to wait till the other passengers are dropped , then you can go for private airport transfer as it will drop you to the hotel destination in very quick time. The transport system can be in the form of taxi, a minibus or a private car. Travelling in a group which is a bigger one can be cheaper options to choose a shared transfer rather than going for a private transfer. If it is a case of smaller groups, you may be in a position where you not only pay for yourself but also for the seats which are not occupied. Are you one who want your holiday to begin with a touch of excitement, then you can go for transfers which are of executive or luxury in nature? Here you will get a transport system which will meet your standard but you will have to pay more with other services attached.

You will find basically there are three categories of private transfer

• The vehicle for luxury transfer which can be availed by only one party and here you will travel in superior class vehicle. • If your group is large enough then it is not wise enough to book different private vehicles. Instead you can go for a minibus. • Another form of private transfer can be in the form of car, a taxi or a minibus. It all depends on the number of persons in the travel tour party.

Benefits of airport transfer

There is more than one reason to put forward why you should book in advance airport transfer to reach your hotel after your arrival at the airport.


Getting a taxi after arriving at the airport can sometimes be really tiresome but if you can book airport transfer in advance then it will surely come handy and you can avoid the troubles. There are some taxis which can charge you at a much higher price when they pick you up and then for reaching your destination. So why not book in advance a transfer and get to know the amount which you are going to pay. This way can save you a lot of money irrespective of you sharing a bus, or private car for a tour with your family.


It is very important to be feeling protected after you reach your destination, spending a long time in the flight. When you book a transfer in advance, you negate the risk of just roaming about to get the right means of transport to reach your hotel. You may also not be able to locate the exact place of your location in some cases.


It is advisable to check the means of transport to be used after reaching the airport. Depending upon your choice you can choose a private limo or just a seat in a shuttle bus. So when you book in advance transfers you get the option.

Over to you

After arriving at the airport the way you locate your transfer will rest on what you have picked. Is it a share or a private vehicle? In case you have chosen a private vehicle you will find the driver waiting for you at the gate with a display card showing your name on it. Then it will be easy to locate the vehicle But in case of shared transfers you have to locate the vehicle as discussed earlier at a particular point where it will be waiting for you. Make it a habit to check all the booking documents before you board the vehicle on the way to the hotel.. When you are returning to the hotel back you can take the transport from where it has been decided to pick you up. But in some cases some shared transfers may decide on a particular point and you have to adhere by that.