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Best Antivirus

Did you know that a virus can cost you a lot of money by corrupting your files, documents and computer networks? Do you realize that the problem of viruses and malware is not expected to disappear in the future?
To protect yourself and your businesses from these threats, you must you equip your system with the best possible anti-virus programs that are available in the market. Anti-virus programs scan your system and networks for potential threats and then eliminate these threats before they damage your system. Most anti-virus programs offer automatic updates as well. This allows the anti-virus software to stay in touch with the latest happenings, identify new threats and update its virus fighting capabilities accordingly. Some of the most popular antivirus programs available in the markets are made by McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky. 
Things you should know about Antivirus 

  • Make sure that you follow a specific antivirus policy at your home and in the office. There should be a set of instructions which state what you should do at times of emergency.
  • Update the antivirus software regularly. This allows you to ensure that it can detect and fight new threats.
  • The antivirus program should always be running in the background to allow it to protect your computer.
  • Performing a full scan of your memory and drives at least once in every 2 weeks is a must. The antivirus should also be able to scan all files, not just those that can be executed. 
  • Never allow your emails to auto-open attachments. This is the simplest way of downloading a virus onto your machine.


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