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Best Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing refers to a process which allows you to send a message to a group of people via email. This form of marketing is usually used to create awareness, built loyalty, send advertisements, request business and solicit sales. Email marketing is often known to be an ideal way to stay in touch with clients and it allows a business to reach a targeted market quickly and efficiently without needing to spend huge amounts of money on radio or TV time, advertisements and print space. One of the main factors that determine the success of your email marketing campaigns is the software that you choose from email marketing. This Guide helps you to learn how to choose the  right Email marketing software for your business.

Need to know

  • Remember, your subscribers are always at the heart of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Choose software which makes it easy to manage contacts.
  • Choosing software that offers you with an intuitive interface is a must.
  • Make sure that you have a platform which allows users to unsubscribe.
  • Ensure that the software offers you with the ability to add hyperlinks and pictures and allow you to create aesthetically pleasing content. Get access to the right analytics to better understand your customers
  • The right software should offer statistics with regards to the total number of emails sent, the percentage of emails that were opened, the number of emails forwarded, click through rates on emails, bounced email lists and unsubscribe ratios.
  • The software should make it easy for you to spot trends and take actions accordingly. Social media integration
  • Always choose software that allows social media integration.
  • This allows subscribers to share your emails with their followers and friends through their social media profiles. Proper pricing plans
  • Most vendors offer plans where the cost depends on the features and number of contacts.
  • Choose software that properly covers your subscriber base and also leaves behind room for growth. 
  • Ensure that you compare rates between a minimum of 3 vendors who suit your needs.


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