Best Wordpress Themes and Plugins

Thursday,18.12.14 ( 5 views )

How to Choose the Best Wordpress Themes and Plugins?

WordPress is by far the most used content management system in the world. Almost 59% of the websites use WordPress. The biggest advantages that WordPress has to offer is its simplicity of use, the vast variety of themes and the easy availability of plugins that allow you to customize your website to the minutest details. This BigPage Guide helps you to learn how to choose the best themes and plugins for WordPress. 

Need to Know:

Choosing the right theme is the most important decision that you need to make on WordPress. A theme is your basic building block and it represents how your site shall look once it has been fully designed. This section of the BigPage Guide helps you to learn how to choose the best WordPress theme. ww

 1. Understand the features you want:

  • It is always best to select themes that offer the main features needed on your website. Some of the features that you need to decide on are – The number of columns.The layout.Slider views Customizable theme colors.
  • You need to make a list of the main features that are required on your website and look for themes that offer these features. This ensures that you don’t waste time with designing and coding later.
  • Most WordPress themes are very easy to install, but the customizations that can be made to your designs also depend on how customizable the theme actually is. • Average and newbie users should always go for themes that look pretty much like what they would want their website to look like. 
2. Understand the purpose of your website

  • Before choosing a theme, make sure that you understand the primary purpose of your website. Some people might want their website to collect email addresses, some might want to showcase their portfolio of products, some might be creating travel or wedding sites. 
  • The theme that you ultimately choose greatly depends on the requirements and the purpose of your website. 
3. Understand site navigation

  • Site navigation is very important for any WordPress site. Ideally, try to choose a theme that offers you with simple navigation.
  • If you don’t have knowledge of PHP, make sure that you choose themes that have what you need. Site navigation can end up being quite tricky.
4. The Spacing, Width and Layout of your website

  • Certain themes allow you to make modifications with regards to the width or different sections of the website. However, most of the themes do not allow such modifications without tweaking the code.
  • If you need features that are wide, choose a theme that offers you with larger columns. This saves you from having to adjust the width later on.
  • Make sure that you think about the features that you need while choosing the theme. This shall help you choose the best theme for your needs.
5. Choosing between Free and Paid themes

  • Your budget shall always play a role while choosing themes for WordPress. However, you can be rest assured that there are hundreds of options to choose from, irrespective of whether you choose free themes or paid themes.
  • The only problem with free themes is that they offer little or no support. As a result, the next time WordPress upgrades itself, the theme might not be compatible anymore.
6. Choose a responsive theme

  • A responsive theme is basically a theme that automatically adjusts the display to allow your website to be viewed on Smartphones and mobile devices.
  • With millions of internet users preferring to use the internet via tablets and Smartphones, it always helps to choose a theme that is responsive in nature.