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Laptop Deals

There are TONS of laptops available in the market today. 

Need to know:
  • Memory: Look for at least 4GB RAM in your chosen laptop. Most modern day models, even the cheapest ones offer at least this much. 
  • Storage: 320GB of hard disk storage has become a bare minimum in the world of laptops. Many economical versions also offer you with 500GB hard disk space.
  •  Processor: Nearly all modern day laptops now run on dual core processors. Apart from the Intel Core i range, AMD E Series processors are commonly used as well.
  •  Battery Life: Standard laptops offer you with a battery life of about 7 – 8 hours while budget models offer a battery life of about 5 – 6 hours.
  •  Screen Size: 15-inch displays are the most commonly chosen screen size. You can choose a 17-inch screen as well. Functionality. Make sure that the laptop chosen by you fits your needs and purposes. Check out our Laptop Buying Guide before you purchase your next laptop. 
Before purchasing a laptop, you need to determine exactly what you want to achieve with it and why you wish to purchase the said laptop. Remember, it is important to think carefully, because your choices must always depend on your requirements. BigPage has listed down some of the most common laptop requirements here.
Cheap Laptop:
Cheap laptops are ideal for individuals who need the machine to complete everyday tasks, but don’t need the powerful performance of a desktop replacement model. 
Main Advantage – This laptop is ideal for first time users and it proves to be an excellent starting point. 
Suitable For – Novices, students and budgeted customers who need a machine for their basic requirements. 
Biggest Disadvantage – Lack of design, bulky size.
Family Laptop:
Family laptops offer solutions to suit the whole family. They might not be the most powerful ones around, but they’re certainly ideal for your regular chores and for playing the odd game. 
Main Advantage – The medium size screen allows one to transport the laptop within different rooms of the house. 
Suitable For – People looking for mid-priced models, families. 
Biggest Disadvantage – Bulky and not portable enough to carry out of the house for a long period of time. 
Desktop Replacement Laptop:
Desktop replacement laptops offer you with the powerful performance of a PC as well as a flexible format. 


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