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best camera
This Big Page Guide helps you to figure out exactly what you need when it comes to purchasing digital cameras. Whether you’re looking for a simple point and shoot version or an extremely advanced DSLR, you should find this BigPage Guide to be quite useful. 

 Need Know
 Essential Tips 
  • Decide on your budgets. Cameras can cost anything between £120 - £1200.
  • Understand what you need the camera for. Most compact cameras are fine for everyday pictures. DSLR cameras are needed for the photos that you plan to sell or hang in your living room.
  • Think about what you’re expecting in terms of camera controls. Point and shoot cameras are simple while the DSLR cameras can be quite complex. Which type of camera do you need There are three types of cameras that you can choose from.
  • Compact Cameras o Can be available for as little as £120. o Ideal for beginners and easy to carry o Purchase this camera if you’re looking for something more than a Smartphone.
  • Bridge Cameras o Can be purchased for as little as £270. o Better zoom lengths and more manual controls o Ideal for people who have just discovered photography as a hobby
  • DSLR Cameras o Can be purchased for a minimum of £320. o Larger image sensors and lots of manual controls o Perfect for hardcore professionals Tips for buying cheap digital cameras
  • Megapixels are not the end of the world. Even 5 megapixel cameras can offer a good click.
  • Look out for the build quality if the camera
  • Understand the difference between optical and digital zoom
  • Try to search for as is face detection features.