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Best TVs

Most people watch TV through free services like the Freesat or the Freeview.These services allow you to enjoy dozens of channels and they don’t require any subscription or contracts either. However, many people are choosing pay packages as a bundled package or a standalone deal. These packages offer a great deal of choice and feature the hottest sporting action and the latest movies as well. This section of the BigPage Guide helps you to learn how to buy the best TV package.

Things to consider while buying a TV package:
  • The channels and shows that you would like to watch.
  • The amount that you wish to spend.
  • Whether you would like your TV and broadband in a bundled service or individually Extra TV Boxes and TV Services available.
  • Free set-top box/ PVR.
  • On Demand Services and Catch UP TV.
  • Extra digital Tv box for reception in more than one room.
  • Extra channels and access to HD channels
The duration of the contract Most TV deals require you to sign up for a period of 12 months. Some providers offer a 18 month contract if you choose a home phone and a broadband along with the TV.
Choosing between Free TV and Pay TV:
There are two types of digital TV services that you can choose from – Free TV and Paid TV. Free TV consists of the Freesat and the Freeview while Pay TV consists of BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. The choice between Free TV and Paid TV ultimately depends on your individual preferences and your affordability.
Free TV Advantages – Free TV is available at no extra cost and you don’t need a monthly contract. It is ideal for the casual TV viewer and offers a decent range of channels to choose from. 
Paid TV Advantages – Paid TV offers you with access to the latest movie releases, premium sports, the latest TV shows, HD Channels and wide range of entertainment and sporting activities.
 Free TV Disadvantages – You don’t have access to premium sports and entertainment channels and there are a limited number of HD channels.
Pay TV Disadvantages – There is a 12 month contract that you need to sign and this can be quite expensive for many people.


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