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How to become a registered nurse


The Duties of a Registered Nurse Or a District Nurse


The district nurses are known as the community nurses who offer nursing to the people of all ages in the non hospital based settings, including parents’ homes. They also attend to GP surgeries or residential nursing homes. They always aim to respond as soon as possible and work with the intention so that the patient does not need to take admission to the hospital or if someone is admitted to hospital; they urge for urgent recovery and discharge quickly.


The working environment of the nurse


These nurses are responsible for planning, suggesting the right things to do, and managing the exact care for the patients. The duties include administrating the drug suggested by the physician, checking the temperature, measuring the blood pressure and the rates of respiration, assisting doctors for different physical examinations, etc. These nurses also provide injection to the patients, dressing the wounds, administrating blood transfusions and different other assisting works.

Their works also involve nursing in a clinic for the people having diabetes, performing different kinds of minor surgeries, etc. They also manage different kinds of critical records of a patient so that the treatment of the physician becomes easy. The heart patients need to keep the records of pulse rate, different kinds of respiratory analysis and all that support the treatment of the patient. The progress or deterioration of the patients has been noted down that helps the patients to treat flawlessly.

When a complete nursing is essential for the patient, the professional nurses always remain beside you. They sometime provide the emotional support to the patient and their family members if necessary.


The working environment of a registered nurse


Different nursing service provides different time schedules. However general working time of the day is the time for getting perfect nurses. In the emergency situation, you will get the support of these nurses round the clock. So, the demand of district nurse is high. So, you can choose the job professionally.  This gives a bright future and self-satisfaction to serve the people needed support.

All the health centers where patients are treated needs at least a nurse. A huge health center demands the nurses according to its accommodation and the count of beds. Still, the nurses should keep in mind that the work demands physical and emotional support.


What is essential for becoming a registered nurse?


To be a district nurse you need to have the following capabilities:


  • Have ability to work with peace among whatever the situation
  • Have the mentality to serve for the people irrespective of cast creed, age, etc.
  • Should have excellent ability to speak, communicate, and listening skill.
  • Be confident to support others and resourceful.
  • Be tactful, patient, understanding and sensitive.
  • Should have good health in all respect
  • Should have ability to stand beside the family members of the patients.
  • Should be well organized and  modest in nature.
  • Should have ability to anticipate and identify general health  and medical issues



The career opportunities of the nurses


District nurses are employed by the NHS (National Health Service) Trusts. Generally they are attached to one or more GP surgeries. There is a peerless demand for new district nurses who are really qualified. Different health centers have a vast demand of these nurses.

Besides the high demand of these district nurses, they have a great demand on serving people. Always the career opportunity does not matter when the demand of heart responses to serve others. For serving the severe patients and recovering them from the critical situation, the registered nurses or district nurses are indispensable.


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