How to become an Optometrist

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Are you interested in learning how you can become an Optometrist? Do you even know what an optometrist does? In this article, you will learn who an optometrist is and the step by step process and requirements of becoming one.

What does an Optometrist do?

Also known as ophthalmic opticians, the optometrist’s duty is to examine the eyes carefully in order to detect any problems with vision. When a defect exists, they make diagnosis as to what the problem is and provide a solution in the form for spectacles as well as other optical appliances and frames.

They use different advanced equipment to detect abnormalities by observing the manner with which light rays bounces off the patient’s retina. They also use charts and other test methods to determine the strengths of different lens to be used.


How do I become an Optometrist?

Becoming an optometrist is a journey of many years. It takes a lot of studying and training before you finally become a licensed optometrist. It does help if you start tailoring your education very early to suit the requirements of becoming an optometrist. This would make your journey smooth and easy. So how do you become an optometrist? What courses should you study in high school, and college? This are the answers you will find below.


What Courses Should I Take in High School to Become an Optometrist?

If you are still in high school, then this is the best time to start preparing for a career as an optometrist. As a high school student that wants to become an optometrists you have to pay attention to subjects like physiology, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. If you can excel in those subjects then studying to become an optometrist shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

College Degree

You wouldn’t be able to study optometry in college but a college degree is necessary to become an optometrist. So what should you study? Well, you can have your pick amongst the courses you like but you have to make sure you are doing a lot of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and English. You may have to speak to your school counselor to help you decide how to get the best exposure to these subjects. Enough course work along these lines would be required to enter into an optometry program later on, after college.

Some optometry programs will let you get in after 3 years of a 4 year program, but you would have to obtain the college degree before you earn your optometry degree.

Getting Into Optometry Schools

After college, optometry school is the next step to become an optometrist. But before you can get in, you have to take the optometry admission test (OAT). The higher you score on this test, the more likely it is that you will be accepted by your desired optometry school. You definitely want to study hard for the test. You should check the OAT guide for information about eligibility, regulations, procedures, rules and requirements. After going through the guide and enrolling for the test, which holds all year round, you might also want to get some extra help in the form of a preparatory course. 

Once you get into an optometry school, you career path becomes clear. You could apply for a residency program after your optometry degree, after which you can take the required exams for your license.

Career Opportunity:

It is a lucrative career for optometrists and you could make up to £100,000 yearly after you get your license. You just need to be focused and dedicated to your studies and follow the steps listed above, but always seek guidance if you get confused along the way.