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Car Finance


Get your dream car with affordable monthly payments


Need to know before applying car finance:

Buy your car from any dealer

 No deposit required

No obligation quote

Your personal advisor

Exclusive low rates

Fast online decision

Car finance deals:

Buying a new car is an exciting and great news whether is it a new or used car. Find a good finance deal is a challenging a work.Many people spend a lot of time on a car make and model, and then struggle to get the price down. It is a good investment, and you should get a good car finance deal from car finance company.

The different types of car finance:

Car finance may seem very much scary but in reality, it is just a simple and two-stage process. The first stage is required to decide the type of the car deal you want. It may be hire purchase, personal loan, dealer finance and lease. It is easy to select the provider whose product will suit your requirements.

Personal loans: 0% credit cards:
Hire Purchase plans: Leasing agreements

Personal Loans:

  • A poll reveals that a personal loan is the most well-known way to finance a new car.
  • 33% people who are in the favour of this process.
  • You can get instant ownership of a car by borrowing money from bank, other lender or a building society.
  • You will come to know which loan providers are giving the best deals by doing a bit of online research.
  • You can easily compare the loans by looking the annual percentage rate (APR) and it is essential to calculate how much a will charge you in its duration.
  • You should ask if the APR is not clearly mentioned.
  • The headline rate may be variable with the amount you get.
  • It may vary according to your credit-worthiness.
  • It is attractive for an extended loan time since it involves little monthly payments but you will pay lots of money as interest.
  • You should follow a disciplined way so that you can make the term as short as possible.
  • The negative feature of this is that any of your assets can be seized in case there is any issue to make the payments.
  • The risk is that the dealer can make payments to repossess the car

Go for a personal loan if you say yes to one of the following:

  • You don’t have any deposit for a finance deal
  • You want to own the car completely
  • You plan to maintain it for awhile
  • You don’t want any annual mileage limitation

Car finance comparison tool can help you compare more than 300 products from 15 different lenders all in one place.


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