Best Web Hosting Services

Wednesday,09.09.15 ( 2 views )

There are a number of web hosts that claim to offer you with the best hosting services. But, in order to choose one that is right for you, you need to look at a NUMBER of factors when choosing a web hosting service. 

How to choose a Free web hosting service

Advertising – A majority of free web hosts place ads on your website. This is done in order to cover the costs of the hosting service offered. However, the kind of ads placed differ from one service to the other. Ultimately, the decision depends on the method that you’re most comfortable with. Some place a banner on various pages. Some place a window that pops up every time your website loads. Some impose advertising frames on your site. 

Web space offered – Determine if the host is offering you with enough space for your needs. Some of the things that determine your hosting needs include The use of sound files. The use of video clips. The number of pictures used. The number of pages.

FTP Access – FTP is commonly used to transfer files and pages from your computer to the host’s computer. Many hosts restrict designing to online site builders. Online site builders can be beneficial for newbies, but they offer significant disadvantages to pros.

Limitations to File Size and File Type – Watch out for file size and file type limitations. Some hosts impose a maximum limit to the file size that can be uploaded. Some hosts impose a restriction on the file types that can be uploaded.

Reliability – Choosing a reliable host is extremely important. A site that is almost always down will make you lose lots of visitors.

Speed of Access – Slow access can also be frustrating for your visitors. Try to determine the speed of access offered during peak and off-peak hours.

Bandwidth Allotment – Many hosts impose limits on the amount of traffic that the website can enjoy per day or per month. While it is impossible to determine the adequate amount of bandwidth required, you should have anything between 1 – 3 GB of traffic per month to start with.