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Car Hire

Compare cheap car hire and get the best one

Are you planning for a holiday and especially road trips then you definitely need a car. Sometimes it’s good to hire a car then driving yourself.
If you want to go then plan it earlier as you can get cars on cheap rent. If you book it early, even in busy times you can get a car at £4 per day. Isn’t it interesting? Know the 11 incredible tips on how you can achieve this and have a memorable trip with the cheapest price of car hiring.

Compare through the comparison sites to get the cheapest rate

These sites help you to search the car hire market with so much efficiency at within a moment. Then you have to send a voucher to present to the company you are hiring from on arrival. Some searching sites are:
Skyscanner – this site can search 50 hire companies along with the travel agents and brokers. You can choose one from the list but after verification certain things such as car size, pick up, air conditioning , fuel policy and more. It will find out the drivers who are from 21 to 99 years old.
TravelSupermarket – this site provide coverage of 26 sites and also provide you to select car type and some other options like fuel type and air conditioning . It can prove as a second chance to make sure that you are not going to miss a cheap deal. It will find out the drivers who are from 21 to 75 years old.
Carrentals – this an easy to use site and can finds over 5o sites. It does not allow you many choices as others but can provide options like manual or automatic and air conditioning. It will find drivers aged to 18 to 99.
Before you go for a selection check the terms and conditions well. If you are able to find the cheapest deal for you then try to book it directly by using a cashback site.

Save cash by booking earlier

You can save £100s if you book in advance for car hire. Even at busier times if you go for an early booking you can cut down the cost less than £4 per day in some cases.

Be careful with fuel policy’s hidden charges:

A common wheeze is to provide you a full tank which you have paid for advance. Then they will tell you to return the empty car but basically they have no refund for that unused fuel. So if you are not going far then you are wasting a lot. Even more they can charge you much bigger than local prices. So be careful with the terms and conditions.

Check with fuel policy:

The comparison sites and broker firms can help you to prevent all stealth charges on fuel costs.
Enjoy Car Hire can only provides you quotes for cars where you have to pay for the used fuel. Prices may vary from week to week so never forget to compare prices with other providers to get the cheapest rate.

Open up with child seat costs:

Child seats are a compulsory item in Europe for the children who are under 3 years and booster seats up to the age of 12 in some cases. From £5 per day, hiring car seats from this car rental companies can be costly.
You need to search which firm is providing the cheap rate. Beside this you need to think that if you will carry your own seat or rent a child’s seat on arrival. Choose the one which could be cheaper to avoid paying some extra cash.
In some of the airports you may find stalls such as Malaga’s Tots Store where you can find seats for rent at half of the cost. There are many other shops or child equipment rental firm who give delivery to airports at no added charge.

Convert your phone into a free sat-nav for 187 countries:

If you want to hire sat-nav then you may have to pay £50 per week as this is the rate which car hire companies charged. Else if you have a smartphone with GPS then you will find a smart way to convert it into a sat-nav abroad, with local maps for free of cost.
You can take help from an app called Navmii which is launched in 2010 for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. It can convert a GPS smartphone into a data free sat-nav with pre-loaded maps, voice prompts and route planning. Basically it’s not as stylish or high-efficient as a paid-for-sat-nav and surely you will not get the traffic updates live without using data but it’s manageable for a one-off trip.

Be sure that you need a car hire:

Before you decide that you want to hire a car for your holiday trip then you must consider something. You need to check the following
Check the prices of taxi – If you want to shop a lot rather than travelling you can go for taxi rides. You can get estimation on Holiday Taxis for international taxi fares.
Go for public transport – Many cities avail some great public transport so if you can research first then you will definitely find some way out with these. Thus you can avoid the troubles with car parking.
Drive your own car – if you want to travel by the country side or to the extent part then you can take your own car with you. If your car has insurance then check that if it is valid to take this car abroad. If you want to go outside your country you need to check these things.
For added protection choose package holidays
Some holiday tour operator provides extra financial protection. You will get a full refund of money or an alternative holiday tour if they play a foul. So basically it will be a wise decision to choose a tour operator for a holiday trip.
They often provide flight and railways tickets or accommodate car hire.

The type of car you want

When you want to hire a car you surely want that should match with your class. Classes will depend between two companies but it is true that the smaller the car, the cheaper it is to take for rent. Always compare the features you are getting for your car. A top range compact car will definitely be better than a low price standard car.
You don’t need to think that lower range cars have low price. Estate cars and people carriers can take less price then smaller cars. But, it relies on the demand of that particular area.

Keep an international driving license:

With a UK driving license you can go everywhere in EU. But if you want to go for a road trip further afield you may require of an International Driving Permit. You need an IDP in 140 countries as this includes USA, Thailand and India.
Be careful with all your documents and make sure that they are legally authorized.

Check the condition of the car

Before you choose a car know the condition of the car as you are going to take this for a long period of time. So safety measures are important. Check it thoroughly.
You should know what your car needs – petrol or diesel. If you use the wrong type, this can damage the system of the car.
If you are going to off-road or want to try some adventurous kind of thing then you definitely check the body parts of the car. Check the condition of spare tyre you are carrying with you.

Over to you

Hope you get an idea on how to hire a car on your holiday trip and the things you require to check for your trip. Always carry your legal documents with you and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you hire a car from a company to avoid any kind of unfair situation. What else? Have a wonderful trip.
Feel free to tell us if you have anything more to know or say regarding this topic. Comment in the box to share your experience.